Ronald Edwin Bowling

Ronald Edwin Bowling murdered a man in a park’s parking lot by shooting him to death.  This happened in the middle of the afternoon on the 4th of July 1997. 

 A witness, who was there for a scheduled soccer game, saw Bowling yell something at another car, which caused the car to stop.  The driver, a 56-year old African American man, exited his car and began walking towards Bowling.  Bowling then shot him repeatedly, got back in his own car, and then casually drove off.  Bowling later would claim that the man he killed was somehow driving him out of the park and approached him in a threatening manner, so he shot him five times.


 Bowling was ultimately found guilty of murder and the accompanying firearm specification by a jury.  Prior to that, however, a court clinic report was prepared in response to his filing a not guilty by reason of insanity plea. 


 He obviously did not qualify for that defense.  The report, however, indicated that Bowling was a loner who had few, if any, close relationships.  He was also considered a severe alcoholic.


 After he was arrested, Bowling bragged to the police that he figured out how to abuse the system by making himself “disabled” by telling the government he was an alcoholic so they would send him SSI checks each month.  Concerned for their own safety, his family that had been acting as his guardian set up a bank account to deposit those SSI checks into so they didn’t have to deal with him in person.


 His family confirmed the clinic’s report and described Bowling as a homeless drifter that lived out of his car.  They also said that, with but one exception, he hated African Americans: “the only people he hates worse than black people are policemen and he had a fantasy to kill a policeman.”  Bowling’s multiple statements to the police reinforced what his family reported.


 He told the officer who arrested him in Kentucky, “Michael Jordan pays your salary. You're just like the rest of the fuckin niggers. You're one of them. I have ammo that will go right through your vest.” 


 Another Kentucky officer related that Bowling told him that the officer “was only there to protect the nigger mother fuckers in the world, and instead of protecting them, I should be killing them, and that when he got out of jail, he would put a bullet in my head. Made comments stating that I would probably like to suck a nigger's dick and would probably like my wife to be fucked by a nigger.” 


 He informed an officer that was transporting him from Kentucky to Ohio, “Down in Mississippi, if you shoot a nigger, the police department will take your gun away from you, clean it, and give it back to you.”


 Put politely, Bowling is not only a murder, but a most unpleasant individual.  Given that his family wanted little to nothing to do with him, if they are even still alive today, he would have no one to support him outside of prison.  His hatred of African American’s led to one man being senselessly murdered.  His comments to the police only reinforced that hatred. 


 Further, he threatened to kill an officer transporting him.  While some inmates may make such statements, Bowling has a fantasy about killing police to back up his threat. 

So in spite of Bowling’s advanced age, he should never be released from prison.  The State, therefore, absolutely opposes granting him any type of release, now or ever.

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