Randall McDonald

Randall McDonald participated in the brutal slaying of an elderly woman. The defendant met 2 other co-defendants, Danny Cathy and Andre Stockton, in the parking lot of a White Castle Restaurant in Cincinnati, Ohio. Randall asked Andre for some money that was owed to him. Andre said he could get the money from an elderly woman who lived on Findlay St. The three men drove to the woman's house and asked her for some money. When the woman refused, Andre Stockton beat the woman with a flashlight until she was unconscious. He then suspended her head on a rope tied around a knob so that the victim's head was held three inched off of the floor. The autopsy indicated the cause of death was asphyxiation due to strangulation by ligature. Randall McDonald, in no way, tried to help this elderly woman. Instead, he stole some items from the apartment and watched as Andre lit the room and body on fire.

Randall McDonald has had a prior criminal record consisting of aggravated burglary, resisting arrest, attempted theft, falsification, disorderly conduct, petty theft, and public intoxication.

Lebanon Correctional Institution
Aggravated Murder
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